Friday, October 22, 2010

Skyping with Cynthia Lord!

Today we had the amazing opportunity to meet the well-known Maine author Cynthia Lord! As I previously mentioned Cynthia wrote the novel, "Touch Blue" which is about a young girl named Tess who lives on a Maine island and attends a one-room school house. When the island faces the idea of the state shutting down their school because of low enrollment some of the families on the island decided to take in foster children so there will be enough students to keep the school open and because they know they can offer the kids good homes on island. The book follows Tess and her family and they take in a foster child named Aaron. The book is a GREAT read and what I think we all love about it is how much we can relate to the "island" living and circumstances the characters face because of that.

Cynthia was actually visiting Frenchboro School but we got to use our Tanberg and skype into the presentation that Cynthia was doing there... it was fun to see the Frenchboro kids too!

The boys prepared questions asking Cynthia where she got the inspiration for the book and the characters and also about her process of developing a story as a writer. Did you know it is good luck to have a cat sit on your story before you send it to your publisher? Dalton is going to try it on his stories before he passes it in for a grade!

We just felt to lucky to meet an author whose book we are reading and have an opportunity to ask her questions.

Other schools also video conferenced into the presentation on Frenchboro so there was a lot of technology going on, but Cynthia was awesome and called on students with their hands raised and managed it all seamlessly. What a cool opportunity!

So thank you Frenchboro and Cynthia Lord for allowing us to be apart of your day! It was fabulous!

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