Sunday, October 10, 2010


So the time finally came for IIE on Monhegan. We had worked long and hard preparing for this day and we were SO stinkin' excited (and somewhat paniced ... well, speaking for myself) so we were just so happy to see all of the familar faces of students, teachers, and parents arriving on the boat!

Our very small school waiting on the wharf to greet the three other schools who came for Inter-Island Event!
We had trucks ready and waiting to load all of the schools luggage and truck it to the Mooring Chain where we were camping out over night!
Tents were set up ...

Lots and lots of tents!

Then kids got to eat their bagged lunches they brought with them.

After a quick lunch it started to rain out and we could hear thunder (this meant MAJOR panic for event organizer!) However the rain only lasted for the 10 minutes we went inside to do our name game icebreaker!

Then we came outside to go over the schedule for the day and have the kids make their name tags (P.S. The name tags were a HUGE hit!)
Ready! Set! Break! It was time to head to the kids workshop sessions!

The workshops were hour long activities that different people in our community offered to do with a small group of kids. The kids got to sign up for the workshops of their choice and I have to say we had some pretty cool workshops.

Jes Stevens did a tour and scavenger hunt down at the shipwreck. It was cool to see how excited the kids from the other island got about our shipwreck since we, on Monhegan, often take forgranted how unique a shipwreck on island actually is!

Angela had a bagel making workshop at her house. The parents loved this workshop as much as the kids did!

The bagels that were made at this workshop were actually served at our breakfast the next morning! How perfect is that.

Donna C. hosted a fabulous candle-making workshop at her house. The students carefully listening to instructions!

And then it was hands on!

I offered a "improv" workshop where did some dramatic warm-ups for our body and mind and then play some hilarious theater games to get the creative juices flowing.

Ever see "Whose Line is it Anyway?" The kids are participating in the infamous "Party Quirks" game from that show. So stinkin' funny.

Anne did a blogging workshop for kids to set up their own blog in hopes that at somepoint all our island kids can be blogging with eachother!

After our workshop session it was time to regroup at school for bathroom breaks and snacks! Angela made DELICIOUS home-made french fries from our school-grown potatoes. THEY WERE A HIT!

And next... the most important part of the day, or really the whole IIE... CAPTURE THE FLAG! Red team vs. Blue team. The bandanas were very helpful and made everyone on the field look pretty stinkin' stylish.

Red team ruled the field! I was on blue. We totally lost... but we had GREAT time spirit.

After kickball it was time for our potluck dinner. Each island was asked to bring either salads, desserts, or bread to contribute to the dinner and then the Monhegan community came to dinner with the main courses! I had dreams for weeks before IIE about how we would not have enough food... but we had plenty and it was all DELICIOUS!

The kids burned off all their dinner with lots of outdoor play. They thought our sliding rock was the coolest thing they had ever seen. Who needs a playgroud when you have a big, huge, sliding rock.

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