Thursday, October 21, 2010

Testing Week...

Do you know what these boxes mean? They mean tests... standardized tests. Every kid's (and many teachers') worst nightmare.
Last week was State testing week at our school. We had math, reading, and writing tests to take everyday... all week long. As much as I dislike these tests I wanted the boys to take them seriously and try to do the best they could because it shows the progress they make from year to year and THAT is a good thing.

But I could not just make them suffer all week long with these stinkin' tests without making things a little fun... I mean that IS what we are known for at the Monhegan School... FUN!
So everyday I surpirsed the kids with a special snack inbetween testing in the morning. I called it their special "Ju-Ju" which would help them get their brains ready for more testing with all that rush of sugar! From the above picture I think it worked.

One Ju-Ju snack was smores baked in the oven. yuuuummmm.

We also had cinnamon rolls one day AND then homemade apple pie another day.

On Friday I was running out of snacks in my pantry so we made some delicious Ju-Ju with grahm crackers, chocolate frosting, and sprinkles!

Looks like good luck Ju-Ju to me!

Even Maya got Ju-Ju that week in the form of a yummy raw-hide bone. Hopefully some of her luck rubbed off on the boys' testing.

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