Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy weekend... wait weekend?

As if we did not spend enough time together on Islesford... I got to spend some extra time with the boys this past weekend. I was honored to attend Dalton's swim meet on Saturday; something I have been wanting to do ever since he joined the Camden Y's swim team this October. He has been extremely dedicated to swimming, going in every weekend and having to make up school work when he gets stuck inshore...
but I think all his hard work paid off!

Here is Dalton in Lane 8 getting ready to take off for his first race, the 100 yard IM.

And he's off!

Good form, good form.

Go! Go! Go!

Almost there!!!!!

As you can see, Lane 8 placed #1 in this heat! HE WON HIS HEAT! And not only that he won the other two heats he competed in! He was nervous that he may have gotten disqualified for one of his races, but he didn't! He was awesome!!!

To find out more about his races you should check out his new blog:

And while Quinn and I waiting around to see Dalton's races we headed to the awesome rock climbing gym at the Y.

Maybe Quinn can join a rock climbing team!

He was like a little monkey up that wall!

And down he comes...

Not too shabby for a Saturday inshore!

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