Friday, November 5, 2010

First day of Pre-K!

We were VERY excited last week to have our pre-kindergarten orientation program (pre-k for short) start up! When you only have two students, who are brothers, having another kid in the classroom is a BIG deal. Our school enrollment increased by one-third!

The boys made "Happy First Day" drawings to welcome Margaret.

I personally liked the dog howling a welcome!

Just like the boys, Margaret gets her own "office" right next to mine... hopefully she is a little tidier then her teacher!

On her first day we introduced her to the calendar, which I think was a hit.

The letter of the day as "D" so we labeled things in the room that started with a D... our favorite thing at school that starts with D is Dalton!

Then it was time for some explorations with the pattern blocks. Maya supervised.

We made a lot of great designs and patterns.

Did I mention how much I love having a girl at school!? We got to make flowers!

And puppies!

Craft project time!

On day two of Pre-K Quinn was the teacher leading the calendar activities for the day.

Maya loves pre-k because it means people are on the floor a lot. I think it is pretty stinking sweet to watch Maya and Margaret together.

The letter of the day was "B". You can hardly tell which letter I wrote and which one Margaret wrote!

And another craft project... painting her office sign!

I think Margaret is going to be a fabulous addition to the Monhegan School! WELCOME MARGARET!

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