Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maine Elections!

We have been so busy at school this fall that I have done a poor job keeping my kids posted on current events which is usually something I LOVE discussing with the kids. This week I made sure we found the time to talk about the elections that were occurring this week in our state and all over our country! We have learned a lot about the election process of the years so it was great to review that information and apply it to what was happening in our state.

We used the Tanberg (have I mentioned how much I love our Tanberg?) to look at the questions that were going to be on the Maine ballot. We discussed the pros and cons to each question and Dalton made the comment, "Why can't they make these questions more understandable? It is like they want people to be confused." Very true, my friend, very true.

We then spent quite a bit of time looking at the candidates that were running for Maine governor. We researched their platforms on the "hot topics" such as the economy, education, and even gambling! The kids got to form some opinions about the candidates and understand their different takes on some big issues facing Maine. By the end of our discussion it seemed the boys had candidates they were rooting for.

At the end of our discussion we talked about why it even mattered for us to know about these questions and candidates. We talked about why it was important to vote. Quinn's answer, "Because our government would fall apart and we would not have a voice."

I made them both take the following oath and the end of class: "I, Dalton and Quinn, promise to always find the time and make the effort to VOTE!"

It was a great class.

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