Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Sort of" normal week.

Last week was just a normal week at the Monhegan school...well, sort of. I actually never really recall a truly "normal" week at our school, we are just an abnormal type of school. Either way, it was a good week. Check out the highlights...

Our fabulous island fellow came out for a quick over-night visit! Yay Anne!

And the best part of Anne's visit? She brought her fabulous new puppy Finn!

If there is anything one can do to get in with the Monhegan School... it is bring their cute puppy dog to our school! Finn was such a little love muffin!

We got a new computer stand that yours truly assembled all by herself... just call me a "Jackie of all Trades!"

We had a lovely art class lead by Donna.

The boys worked on sketch a still life with lots of textures.

They did some wonderful work. I love how comfortable they are with creating art.

And we put the finishing, finishing touches on the timeline. We had been waiting for Dalton to return from being stuck inshore for a few days...

And now all our information "bubbles" and illustrations are up for each period and it looks magnificent!

Then the highlight of the week. Barbara came with a special delivery from the Black Duck!

It was all the leftover syrups from the italian sodas the Black Duck makes over the summer. She also brought us seltzer water so we could make our very own Monhegan School Italian Sodas! When Barbara made her delivery Quinn jumped up from his desk and shouted,
"YES! I LOVE this school!"

Those syrups look awfully pretty!

Then it was Scout's turn for some puppy love. Doesn't he and Finn look exactly alike!?

Miss M. came at the end of the week and used her new pre-school book to do some writing. I think she looks pretty stinkin' cute in her new office.

And my favorite picture of the week... Maya loves Margaret.

At the end of the week the boys had a science assessment.

I told them I had to take a picture of them working for the blog since I promised to show more pictures of them being miserable. Quinn was not impressed.

But after a long science assessment we celebrated by watching a NOVA documentary about the scientific research behind the connection between dogs and humans. After the puppy crazy week we had at school it only seemed fitting!

We got to make our italian sodas and I made popcorn with a little treat on top.

Not too shabby of a way to end a busy week at school!

Okay, so maybe we do have a bit too much fun at our school... but we like it that way!

Check out the blog later this week to see updates from our special field trip to Islesford!!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED! Stay tuned.

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