Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Read Aloud

I haven't done a read aloud with the kids since my first year on island. They are old enough to read on their own and since we all have such different tastes in books it just always makes sense for them to read on their own when it is time for free reading...

But last Spring I was cleaning out the attic and found the above book. The Swiss Family Robinson was one of my favorite books growing up and I know the boys had seen the movie and Quinn had read a kids version a few years back. I decided this year we would give it a whirl for a read a loud and we are enjoying it so much. The language is so beautiful and the story is so simple yet incredibly entertaining.

There is no publishing date in the book but you know it is has been around for a while and I can just imagine it being on the book shelf of the Monhegan School for many, many years.

I did some researching online and it looks like this edition was published in 1910 in Bavaria, Germany. It feels like I have this amazing treasure in my hands anytime I open it up and start reading to the boys.

Along with the gorgeous and sometimes humorous language there are also amazing illustrations that we just gobble up. It will probably take most of the year to get through because it is hard to find time in our day to fit in read alouds but it is given us such an appreciation for classic literature and how nothing beats a good story.

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