Sunday, November 14, 2010

Topographical Map... COMPLETE!

It took about two weeks to complete but our topographical map of Monhegan is complete! As you probably remember we have been studying our island in social studies this trimester and we did some work with our island's geography! We first spent some time investigating what the geography of other islands in Maine is like. We used maps, google earth, and online topographical maps to research the geography of Isle Au Haut, Islesford, and Matinicus Island! (Some of our favorite people live on those islands!) We then compared their geographical features to Monhegan's. It was surprising to see how different these islands are in terms of their geography. Did you know that Islesford's highest point of elevation is 42 feet above sea level! That is nothing compared to Monhegan's highest point which is 165 feet! But Isle Au Haut has us all beat with a highest point of 500 feet!

After our research stage was complete we moved on to creating a topographical map of Monhegan. The boys first took some time to trace the outline of the island and Manana too!

Then the hard part. They had to use a topographical map from the internet of Monhegan to try and sketch the lines of elevation on our map according to the scale they created. Tricky, tricky!

Slowly but surely the elevation of Monhegan came to life.

The next step was to begin making the map 3-D using the elevation lines the boys sketched out.

They made a scale of 1 inch equaled about 50 feet of elevation. They used crunched up newspaper to create the elevation.

Once all the paper was taped in place they paper mached a layer of newspaper over the island to create a smooth covering.

I think this may have been the boys favorite part of the process...

because it was so messy.

And I mean really messy. Good thing they are excellent cleaners.

And the last stage... painting our pretty island!

Lookin' good!

Finishing touches.

And there you go! Our own topographical map of Monhegan Island! TOO COOL! It will be on display at our open house in December!

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