Sunday, November 28, 2010


You know what we really love about the holiday season... all of our Monhegan School alumni comes home to the island! We were SOOOO excited for Gabe to return home for Thanksgiving that we just HAD to head down to the boat to greet him!

We were prepared with our signs... although it was very windy so it was difficult to hold onto them in the wind!

Maya was so excited for Gabe to come!

Then right as the boat came up to the wharf a huge gust of wind came and blew my "I love Gabbers" sign into the ocean! Oh man.

LOOOK! It is Gabe!! He looked like a high school super star!

Greetings from Maya! She missed her BFF.

I tried to give Gabe a hug but Maya kept attacking him!

Lots of hugs and "welcome home!" from everyone! We were all so glad to have him back for the holiday!

And obviously Gabe was glad to be back too. He spent one whole afternoon at school with us.

He taught us how to do really complicated Mendal Squares.

Yikes! That boy is smart!

Then he stayed and did his homework while we had math class. It was such a treat to have him in school with us again.

Lots of love for Gabe! We loooove him.

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