Monday, November 29, 2010

November BINGO!

We were very THANKFUL for a exciting November BINGO this month. We held BINGO on Thanksgiving Eve in hopes we would have all those visitors who came out to the island for the holiday join us for some fun! And boy, did we have a spectacular crowd!

Not too shabby for November on Monhegan! BINGO was the place to be.

We had some special "summer folk" guests!

And of course, Billy B. was there with his whole family, including TWO Monhegan school alumni! Very exciting.

Big D calling some winning numbers.

And the proud parents with their newly won holiday decor... hey, is that a mini carpet?

Billy was beaming ear to ear because not only did he win around, but BOTH of his daughters did as well. As Billy put it, "It is the next generation of BINGO champs."

Quinny's turn to call.

The ever important Maya shot of the night. Sooooo cute.

Awww, some puppy love in the kitchen.

AND LOOK! It is our favorite high school freshman! He says he likes being on the "other end" of BINGO much more.

And before we knew it... the last round was played! We heard a screech and a scream coming from Norma's table...

You guessed it. Our November BINGO champ is NORMA! She is now on our Wall of Fame twice! You better watch out Billy B.

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