Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween @ the Monhegan School!

We had a spooktacular Halloween this year at the Monhegan School. Even with two kids we made it work and we had a great community turn out which says a lot about the importance of our school.

Thursday afternoon we spent much of our time preparing for our Halloween festivities. We made our island-famous sugar cookies and decorated them with lots of festive sprinkles and frosting.
Decorating is the best part of these stinking cookies.

Also, eating them isn't so bad either... except they kind of put you in a sugar coma...

Dalton has cookie decoration down to a science.

On to decorating the classroom. Dalton doesn't look to enthused... but he got into it eventually.

I think some of our Halloween decorations date back 10 years... but they still work.

We had to prep for our Halloween games. Dalton tied string on donuts for our eating contest and Quinn painted ping-pong balls for the "youngers" game.

We decided we would pair our Halloween party up with October BINGO... so we had to set up for that as well.

The completed Halloween sign made the day before at our pumpkin carving extravaganza!

After school we came back early to dress up for the party. Maya dressed up as Travis because he wouldn't be a the party. I absolutely see a resemblance... I just wish I had a PHISH t-shirt.

Quinn and I applying make-up in the bathroom. We are looking mighty fine!

Dalton came as a bathroom ninja... I was totally digging his costume

I was Marge Simpson meets Norma.

Maya did not really like her outfit.

We got to light our pumpkins up for the big event.

My favorite pumpkin.

Then a scary devil creature showed up at school! YIKES. Any guesses?

Quinn's finished get-up as an electrocution victim. We came up with the idea that day and it turned out awesome!

Stephie as a Pac-Man Ghost!

Time to play games. Throw the ping-pong ball in the matching bowl!

Maya played the game "ripe off your costume!" She won.

Apple bobbing!

Quinn won!

But this Bunny gave Quinn a run for his money!

We had some awesome costumes... a very short, yet large chef and day spa goer!

I don't know many people who can carry a construction worker on their back! Wow!

Time for the doughnut eating contest!

Now this is my kind of contest.


Almost done!

One more round of apple bobbing!

That water was coooold!

Trying to play the "youngers" game.

A pirate showed up.

Lookin' fine ladies, lookin fine.

One scary looking group of kiddos.

Time for BINGO!

Quinn made the opening remarks and called the first numbers.

It was pretty funny to look around at everyone in their costumes just playing some BINGO.

Of course Billy B. won a game...

Billy said that he came dressed as Russell Crow... hmmm, nice try.

Pippy Longstocking won this fabulous mask and boa!

Bathroom Ninjas turn to call.

Checking cards.
Pippy and Russell. Russell.

The hosts.

Good lookin' family.

And the October BINGO champions of 2010. Susan and Angela! Way to go!

And as everyone left they got to see our pumpkins illuminating in the dark of night!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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