Thursday, January 20, 2011

ALEKS- Grade Seven Program - COMPLETE!

For the last two years in math, Dalton has been using an online program called "ALEKS" to supplement his book work. I love, love, love this math program for so many reasons... first of all it is connected to the Common Core Math Standards for the state of Maine. Secondly, it gives the students responsibility over their learning and helps them to be self directed and focused. It is really easy to monitor and assess their progress and it helps me to know I am not leaving any gaps in the work I do with the kids in math class.

Last year Dalton was bumped up in his ALEKS programing which was a good thing but that meant that he never "completely" finished a program from start to finish. Every time you start a new "class" in ALEKS you get a pie chart... as you move through the class your pie chart gets filled up with all the knowledge you have mastered. Since Dalton never fully completed a class he never got to see his pie chart get completely filled... until now...

Here is Dalton's pie chart completely filled up for his Grade Seven Program on ALEKS! He mastered all of the topics and met all of the standards!!!!

Now this looks like a kid that is happy about a complete pie chart... good thing I waited to tell him that he now had to move on the 8th grade class... not such an excited face!

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