Thursday, January 20, 2011

Art in Motion!

We had another fun drawing class with Donna this week. She always comes up with such creating activities to really push the boys drawing skills while still keeping them interested and engaged.

This weeks assignment was to draw dogs... sounds easy right? Um, do you KNOW how much dogs move... not much of a still life if you know what I mean!

So Donna assigned us to draw really quick sketches of the dogs and if they moved our sketch had to move too. We weren't aloud to spend more than 15 seconds on a sketch! That was some fast sketching!

We had an array of dogs to choose from since at the time we had FOUR dogs at school... have I mentioned that we are "dog people?"

Lots and lots of doggy sketches. It really helped us to understand their bodies shapes and movements.

Guess who was the easiest dog to sketch?

Millie was an excellent model and she was all about napping and getting petted so she modeled for us the longest.

America's Next Top Model, here she comes!

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