Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Newest Addition to The Monhegan School...Millie! (And our special guest... Bella!)

Meet Millie Mandy Maya Kisspaw Campbell.
(Don't worry... she will totally live up to her name!)
We are very excited to have her as the newest addition to our school.

Since loosing Maya it has been rather sad, quiet, down right weird at the Monhegan School... not to mention the teacher has been a wreck! So it was decided that although there was no way in the world that a dog like Maya could EVER be replaced... we had enough love in our hearts to love and take care of a new school dog .... (enters Millie).

Millie came back with me last Friday after a crazy week inshore... rumors were flying all over the island that I was going to be coming back with a puppy...and of course once I saw her it was a given that she was to be the new school-dog in training.

We set up a little crate for her at school and she has been coming ever since.

Quinny was kind enough to help set up Millie's crate... and try it out for her.

Now I know where I can put all the naughty kids.

Along with Millie, I also brought another friend... my parent's beautiful black lab... Bella! She is Millie's cousin/mentor and a fabulous guest at school. (We kind of want to keep her).

Both Millie and Bella have two favorite subjects at school... "Free Read."

They both like Quinny... a lot.

And their second favorite subject?

Nap time.

Who doesn't love a good nap?!

Quinn thinks that Millie is channeling Maya because she runs and whines when he walks to school in the morning.

And she seems to know where all of Maya's favorite nap spots are.

She even likes to sit on the school stoop... just like my little Maya.

I think both Millie and Bella agree that being school dogs means hard work and dedication... but it is a pretty sweet gig.

And although my heart still continuously aches for our little Maya to come trit-trotting back into our school house every day... it feels good to have a furry friend to love.

As you can see... we just love our dogs.

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  1. Oh my gosh! She is SOOO flippin' adorable! I love the one of her on the bean bag. Are you bringing her with you when you visit!????