Thursday, January 20, 2011


Notice anything different about our school? Nope... not a new paint job...

It's our fancy new weather station on top of our little school house!!!
Our good pal Matt S. put it up for us over the weekend and it is so cool to look up and see that little information hub on top of our school!

And now that we have everything up and running we have started our
You HAVE to check it out. Everyday the schools of Monhegan, Matinicus, Isle Au Haut, AND Cliff post the weather that day with videos and pictures! It is SO COOL! Make sure to check it out!
Also... we had some visitors from the Island Institute to work with us a bit more with the STORMS program... Hope showed the boys and I all the weather station can do! We now know what all the buttons mean! 

And Rachel came too... she talked to us about our blog and google documents and... wait a minute... what is she holding????!!!!

See next blog post for BIG NEWS!

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