Sunday, January 30, 2011

Field Trip... to the Teacher's House!

As I mentioned earlier we did not have internet at our school for three days last week. We managed to get by and do work that did not involve the internet for two full days but by Friday there were things we NEEDED to do! It is hard to collaborate with all of our island buddies without internet! So... we took a little field trip... to the teacher's house!

Off we go... we do love our field trips. Donna saw the boys walking through town with their little laptop cases and thought they looked like mini executive heading to the office.

My kitchen table makes an EXCELLENT work space. Trust me, I know.

When it was time for break we just HAD to utilize the fact that I had hot cocoa and freshly made cookies at my house.

We moved to the living room for break. Look at these two love bugs!!

Bella sure would have liked it if Dalton shared.


Bella kept getting closer and closer to Mr. D.

SYMBA! This is your kingdom! (Insert circle of life music!)

After break it was back to work... blogging, wiki updates, and emailing our final persuasive papers!

Even Millie got some work done!

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