Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weather Station... UP!

We had been hoping to get our weather station up before the holiday break, but with this little thing called the Christmas Play... it didn't happen. BUT, now that we are back in business and we have the fabulous help of our amazing community member Matt S. we are up and running.

The boys worked with Matt to figure out just what we needed to do to get our weather station up and running...

I of course, took pictures. We all have our roles, I except mine willingly.

One screw here another bolt there...

Everything is attached and we are ready to turn on the receiver!

This little machine is awesome. So much information at our finger tips!

Putting the station in a temporary spot out back of the school.

Thank you Matt for this awesome stand that we will use until we (meaning Matt of course) is able to mount the station on TOP of our school house. Have I mentioned that Matt rocks!?

Once our station was up we started getting weather information immediately! We will be posting our weather data to another "weather blog" that will be up and running in the next week! Stay tuned!!!!

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