Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dog days of winter....

Have I mentioned that we love our dogs? The two weeks that we went without a dog at school was pretty stinkin' dreadful. Dogs just always make things better. At our school our dogs are our entertainment, our pillows, our teachers, our students, our friends, our snuggle buddies, and our joy! As you can see from all of our photos they are often our inspiration for MANY photos! Bella, our beautiful black lab, is going to have to head home after her two week Monhegan vacation! We are going to miss her, we hope she comes back soon. Millie, however, is here to stay, but she is growing like weed!

Puppy love.

Hanging on the bean bags.

Sleepy girl. School is exhausting.

Bella just blends in with the bean bag.

Little one and her new duck from Donga, Schooner, and Scout.

She is ready for school in her little sweater.


I mean, can you even stand it?

Everyone wishes they could fit into the doggie bed.

Reading buddies.

Thank GOODNESS for dogs.

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