Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We love art at the Monhegan School... this is for several reasons:
1. Art is awesome!
2. We get to do really creative projects that let us "think outside the box" and be ourselves.
3. We usually listen to music during art.

Donna has been working with Dalton after school on printmaking and she let Quinn and I join in on the fun this past week in art class.
We were given print boards to carve our designs in. It was a really cool process because you had to be aware of every carve you made and that when you printed your design the places you carve out would actually be white and the places that were not carve would be black from the ink.

After we carved it was time to add the ink. This was a bit messy but still awesome!

Here is Donna's carving for her print... I bet now you know why she is our art teacher.

My carving...

Quinn's turn with the ink...

As I said... it was messy. But Quinn always seems to take messy to a whole other level.

Quinn's final print.

Donna's piece.

My final prints... Donna printed them for me!

Dalton's print!

We are thinking about printing some of our prints on tote bags and selling them as a fundraiser! What do you think? Any requests!!?

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  1. yes! fundraiser tote bags and tees. dalton i love the perspective of your dog print. well done.