Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cookie Time!

It has been a long time since we have made our "island famous" sugar cookies at school. But it wouldn't be the holidays without these DELICIOUS sugar-coma-inducing cookies! Especially since we had a December BINGO to prepare for!

Dalton and Margaret were quite the team! Dalton rolled and Margaret cut! Love the teamwork!

Miss M's favorite cutter!

Perfectly rolled and cut if I do say so myself.

Quinn came fresh off the boat, to help finish up the cookie process!

And a messy process it is!

Part 2 of Sugar Cookies... DECORATING!

This may have been Margaret's first experience decorating our famous sugar cookies.
She was a natural, of course.

Love the sprinkle technique shown here.

Load it with frosting!

Everyone hard at work.

More utter delicious mess! Good thing they call me Messy Jessie!

Taste-testing time!

Read that face.

Margaret trying to choose which one she wants to test!

This is what my heaven looks like. Can't wait for BINGO! Sugar-comas for ALL!

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