Sunday, December 4, 2011

Margaret the Explorer!

Like the boys, Margaret has been learning a lot about explorers. First of all, she learned what an explorer is... thank goodness for Dora the Explorer to help with such ideas. She also learned about the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. It was interesting teaching a kindergartner about Columbus at the same time I am teaching my 6th and 8th grader about how Columbus massacred millions of Taino "indians" because they were not able to "produce" enough gold for him. I left that part of the story out for Miss M, but we did talk about some of the bad choices Columbus made, along with the brave and smart choices he made. Hopefully it was a good balance!

After lots of reading and talking it was time for some fun projects that had to do with explorers!

Like making explorer hats!

Margaret the Explorer indeed!

Margaret wrote that if she was an explorer... she would want to find gold like Columbus...
don't worry, I think she would go about it much more humanely!

I couldn't help but make one for myself!

Next project... making small explorer ships!

Using playdough to keep the sails up!

Three Ships... just like Columbus!

Ah hoy! Young Explorer!

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