Thursday, December 29, 2011

Virtual Secret Santa!

The Inter-Island Student Council had the BEST idea EVER... have an Inter-Island Secret Santa to celebrate the holidays across our island schools! YES! I couldn't have been MORE on board for this idea! SOOO FUN! When the Student Council met to talk about the rules and plan for the project they decided that we would do the Secret Santa by islands so each school would get the name of another school and have to put together a package to send with lots of goodies and surprises! The catch was, the packages could not cost the schools more than FIVE dollars! That meant all of the goodies and surprises had to be handmade and crafted... ALL THE MORE FUN, if you ask me!

The teachers pulled the school names so the students would not know who got who. I told my kids who we got and we went straight to work! Monhegan got Islesford School (the largest of the TLC schools) so we had a lot of goodies to make.

We spent some time initially brainstorming what we could make for the kids and teachers on Islesford that would not cost a lot and would be fun for them to receive! Dalton came up with the idea of making and decorating paper airplanes for all 12 students on Islesford! Lots of folding for Dalton!

We also came up with the idea of making pet rocks! We had done some sluething and had found out what every Islesford student's favorite animal was... so it was fun making personalized pet rocks for them all!

We also made a DANCE PARTY CD for the whole school because we KNOW how much Islesford loves a good dance party. Lastly, we make little mini sugar cookies for all of the kids and teachers!

Time to pack up our gift box!

We had an assembly line going to back this monsterous box of goodies!

Individual cups of cookies! YAY!

Paper airplanes on top!

Margaret rolling out paper for wrapping!

Stickers are obviously a must! We sent off our package and then waited anxiously for ours!

A few days later all the island packages had been received and it was time for our VIRTUAL Secret Santa PARTY via the Tanberg!

We pulled names and each school got to open their packages! Matinicus was up first!

Cliff's turn! These kids were PUMPED to open their gift!

And then Islesford's turn. I think we were more excited for Islesford to open their gift then we were to open our own!

The Isle Au Haut boys opening their awesome gift package!

Monhegan's turn to open!!!!!

Our package was from Cliff and we were SO excited!

Even Millie enjoyed our Christmas package!

We then had Mr. President (Daltini) read some holiday riddles for the group!

And of course we ended our party with...

Some holiday dancing!

Jingle bell rock!

Even our friends from the Island Institute joined us for some Christmas fun!

Bust a holiday move!!

After our super fun party it was time to enjoy a homemade cookie from our secret santa, Cliff Island!

So much fun! Happy Holidays TLC! We love you all!

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