Thursday, December 29, 2011

December BINGO!

It's not every year we have a December BINGO.... but we figure we better get in as much BINGO playing as possible and who doesn't love Holiday Themed BINGO nights... so it was a go.

Millie dressed up and looking her best.

Nancy Shrew... is that you?

Poor puppy... she does not look impressed.

The cookies were out... and looking delicious!

The "shaking up the punch" photo!


Aww, my little cuties!

Great team work in the kitchen!

Game one is ON! So cute.

Little Santa Puppy and her Ducky.

Two very famous BINGO players.

First big win of the night...

Full house.

We know if we make the sugar cookies, Lisa will come.

Winning ladies.

Finger lickin' good!

Big win for Tara!

Calling some numbers!

All is right in the universe! Billy B. won a round!

Collecting his prizes!

According to the pack row... there was a certain puppy with a case of real bad gas! Whoops.


Lots of team work going on for the last big round!

And the December BINGO champion is a second time member of the BINGO WALL OF FAME... Alice Boynton!!!

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