Monday, December 12, 2011

Project SCAM!

Our TLC classmates got together a week ago to share our science project that we worked on for our Mission SCAM (stars, comets, asteroids, and meteoroids) science unit!

Isle Au Haut was the host school during science for the past two weeks and came up with the brilliant project ideas for Mission SCAM!

Matinicus was the first to share their work with us! The younger boys taught us about the different types of stars there are in the solar system!

Here is a comic made by one of the middle schoolers on Islesford, explaining the differences between comets and asteroids!

A very cool shadow box by one of the Islesford "middles".

And some AMAZING drawings by their "youngers"!

There were lots of movies about astroids!

The three stooges, oh I mean astronomers of Isle Au Haut... telling about about asteroids, meteors, and comets! So funny!

Dalton and Quinn's movie/comic for the project (this might be one of my favorite projects they have done for this unit! Just so funny and creative.)

Another fabulous mini-unit in our Inter-Island science class!

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