Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trap Tree Tradition!

You know it is the holidays when the Monhegan School starts calling the local fishermen to try and find enough traps to build our great, big, wonderful TRAP TREE!

We put up signs and they came...

Shermie was kind enough to let us use some of his traps for the tree this year.

The ever fabulous Angela helped us haul the traps up on her truck to the church lawn.

Them some traps.

Good things we have some strong students to lug these suckers. It's like trap day all over again!

Working on the base of the tree... pretty important to have a solid base!

Had to work together to get those traps up high!

Now talk about team work! This is impressive!

Securing the edges.

Hauling more traps! This was gonna be a big tree.

Getting higher.

Lots of great help from the community!

Trap climbers.

I was a supervisor.

Heave! Ho!

Almost done!

Last trap please!

Time to put the star on top!

We let Miss M. have the honor!

That's one fearless kindergartner!

School photo!

Island kids... they are pretty cute huh!?

Silly faces!

Opps, forgot the ever important brass fish!

There! Perfect!

Admiring their hard work! Next time to put up the lights!

And the final product! TA DA! Happy Holidays... Monhegan Style!

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