Sunday, December 4, 2011


It has been extremely easy for me this year to come up with a list of things to be thankful for. Really, ever since I came to Monhegan my gratitude for life, people, animals, and just simple pleasures has grown and grown.

More than anything, I am SO grateful for my job... the best job any teacher could every hope for, especially to start off their teaching career. Why do I love my job so much? Let's see.... creatively, freedom, community, collaboration, technology, ocean views, dog friendly, supportive and involved parents, Outer Island TLC, blogging, excitement, learning, expanding, challenging, art, Christmas Plays, developing curriculum, BINGO, never a dull moment, sweet one room school house, kids helping kids, multi-age classroom, seeing my students grow up, Truman Officer, field trips, island schools, Tanberg, having the time of my life, being excited to to go to work every day... and three other little reasons...

Margaret Ann... for making me laugh, for being such an exceptionally smart kindergartner, for loving to read and much as I do, for being sweet and kind, for always doing the "hardest work first", for loving your family so much, for looking up to your fellow students, for your creativity, for your excitement for BINGO and movie night, for trying so hard to be brave and independent, even when it is hard, for knowing how to "bust a move", for your patience and love for Millie, for hugs and high-fives, for being "silly" and loving school.

Quinn Alexander... for knowing when you are in trouble... just by my face, for making me laugh until my stomach hurts, for being so sweet and thoughtful, for making sound effects... even though I often make you stop, for your freckles and eye lashes, for you stories, for still trying to write your letters from the top down, for not giving up in math... even when it gets harder, for being so smart but so humble, for your amazing acting talents, for your natural humor, for loving me and Millie, for looking up to your brother and watching out for Margaret, for being my pal.

Dalton Lee... for your maturity and patience, for your independence and natural motivation, for always being willing to do what I ask... even when you don't want to because you know I need your help, for being a role model for Quinn and Margaret and the other island school kids, for being a little mini grown up but remembering how to be a kids now and then to, for looking out for me, for your appreciation for your school, family, and community, for your attitude about life, for you beautiful writing and impressive research skills, for helping with technology, for being a natural leader and amazing human being.

Lots to be thankful for this holiday season! Thank YOU ALL for reading!

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  1. I'd just like to say that personally I'm thankful for this blog! We visit Monhegan every fall and learned about this blog during our last visit. I've followed it since then - I'm SO impressed w/what you are doing at the school, Jessie, and I love getting a small view of what happens on the island when all us tourists have gone back home! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!