Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tree Hunting and Holiday Decorating!

With Christmas getting closer and closer it was time for the Monhegan School to take the yearly pilgrimage out to find our Charlie Brown tree!

Off we go... hunting for trees!

The kids picked which trail they wanted to go on to find our tree. They have quite a bit of experience with tree hunting!

It didn't take long to find our beautiful little tree!

The boys working together...

I don't think our tree was very heavy!

The kindergartner taking a turn hauling it back to school.

Tree trimming time.

Millie protecting Quinn and the tree!

Aw, she looks good!

Time to break out the Christmas decorations!

Decorating some pine cones for our tree!

Margaret loved the tree decorating!

Dalton was in charge of lights... he looks confused by this assignment!

Quinn putting up the garland!

The tree is looking better and better!

Haul out the holly....

More decoration making!

Okay, enough with the photos... I get it!

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