Monday, March 28, 2011

Around the schoolhouse...

Well, we are going on our SECOND full week of school and ALL of our students. May not sound like a big deal, but it is! We have been taking so many field trips, having so many vacations, and having so many abnormal weeks it is so nice to have a little normalcy around here.

During our normal weeks I just like documenting what is going on around the school house...

One of my favorite spots in the schoolhouse is Quinn's office. Please notice the Elvis sunglasses on the desk and the mustache taped on the wall! Just incase he needs to be incognito during the day.

Quinn's bulletin board.

And of course, Sugarloaf map posted in the other corner of his office.

Margaret's pocket chart! She has a lot of pockets!

Reminents of the Christmas Play.

The girls just hanging out before school.

Margaret is such an awesome addition of our school this year.

My favorite page of her new "Cat" book.

A sleepy school dog

Spring flower magnets made by Miss M.

Spring mud dog!

So that is what is going on around our school house... makes my heart smile.

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