Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patty's BINGO!

Finally! BINGO is back. After a LONG hiatus we had our March BINGO last week, which was TONS of fun. I forgot how much I love BINGO! It is easy, fun, and always entertaining! This was a GREAT time to have BINGO since it was St. Patty's Day and you can always find the BEST prizes for St. Patty's Day BINGO!

Millie was pretty pumped for her first BINGO experience!

I was decked out in my St. Patty's pins!

And Quinny had some interesting pins to wear himself!

Quinn was so excited for BINGO that he even did an Irish Jig before people arrived!

One of the highlights of the night was that our alumni Gabe came! He is so grown up!

Here is Alice... the BIG winner of the night! She won THREE games in a row! HOLY MOLY! That is some Irish luck for you!

Travis was another big winner!

Travis shared one of his prizes with Lisa. Looking fine my friend, looking fine!

And of course Millie loved all the prizes! Well, at least we loved putting on the prizes on her!

Quinn calling the last round! He had to call a lot of games that night since Dalton was inshore! He held his own though! He was a fantastic host!

And the March BINGO champ is none other than my dear friend Pamela! This is her SECOND time on the BINGO wall of fame. Her reaction to her big win?
"If you don't want it... that is when you get it!"

My favorite picture of the night!

Oh man, it was a good evening. I ended up loosing half of the pictures I took on my camera which bummed me out but lets just say there was a lot of green and a lot of laughs! Thanks to our community for coming out for a good old fashioned BINGO evening!

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