Thursday, March 31, 2011

Science Plant Experiments!

We have been learning about asexual reproduction in science class and have been talking a lot about how plants asexually reproduce. There is a lot we now know about asexual reproduction in plants but there is also a lot we don't know... so we thought we would find out...

We began with using the information we know about asexual reproduction to brainstorm a list of questions we would like to research through the scientific process...
We came up with a lot of great questions.

Next the kids (and I) picked questions we wanted to try and find the answer to through experimentation! We defined our question and then created a hypothesis of what we thought the answer to our question(s) might be!

Next we met with the students on Islesford who is ALSO studying asexual reproduction and is ALSO going to be researching some questions through experimentation! We first began our meeting by sharing our Mitosis claymation video!

The boys shared their questions and hypotheses with Islesford and they shared with us!

Quinn's question was: "Out of the follow plants that should reproduce asexually: potatoes, bamboo shoots, and apple trees, which will reproduce the quickest and which will reproduce the most?! His hypothesis was that the bamboo would reproduce the quickest AND the most!

My question was the above... we also ended up collection some willow plants AND a jade plant to test!

Here is Dalton's question and hypothesis!

After we determined our questions and hypothesis we gathered our materials which meant going plant hunting!

Millie looooooves hunting for plants!

We found some snowdrops! The first flowers of spring!

We had to be very careful to get the roots with the flower. Q was very gentle.

But he was not as gentle towards the apple tree he needed to clip from.

"What are you guys doing?!"

Pussy willows! I LOVE pussy willows! They always make me think of my Nana :)


Back at the science lab... aka the classroom!

Clipping our plants and putting them in water.

Quinn's plant are all plotted.

During our plotting adventures the boys grandmother called us and said she had some more plants we may be interested in using for our experiments. So we headed to her house to collect more specimens!

Kathie gave us some scented geraniums, two different kinds of willow plants, a piece of a jade plant, AND an amaryllis bulb! She is like the magical plant lady!

Look at all the magical plants Kathie has growing on her porch!

Look a wild pug followed us!

Clipping some willows for us!

All of our plants are "potted" and ready to reproduce (we hope!)

I really hope our amaryllis plant blossoms this year!

Rose hips and geraniums!

Lilac clippings and forsythia (two of my favorites)!

So now we have all of our plants ready for our experiments! We will be recording our observations everyday and see if our hypotheses were correct! Happy Spring!
Yay reproduction!

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