Monday, March 14, 2011

Sugarloaf Field Trip: The ups and the downs!

Our fourth field trip to Sugarloaf was last week. I cannot believe we have been going on our annual ski trip for FOUR years now. It is cool to think of how far the boys have come in their skiing year to year. This trip was exciting because we were going to be joined by the Isle Au Haut School and were invited to stay with them at their sweet digs instead of our usually run down ski cabin which as much as we loved could sometimes have its issues (such as very leaky ceilings).

Unfortunately not all of our plans went that well... so here is our trip in a nut shell... the ups and the downs:

Well first of all... the original plan was for us to head to Sugarloaf on Monday. I was already off island for the weekend so I was to pick up the boys at the boat Monday. But mother nature did not like that idea... the Monday boat was canceled due to crazy seas so our trip was postponed till Tuesday.

Tuesday I picked the boys up and we all piled into the car and headed to the "Loaf." I figured if this was the only hiccup we experienced in our plans we were golden! Oh, if only.

We got to Sugarloaf in the late afternoon and got comfortable in the AMAZING condo that Isle Au Haut had rented for us to stay in. This was QUITE the upgrade from our usual lodging! It had three floors, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, four big comfy couches, a fire place, AND a ping pong table!

We had dinner at the condo Tuesday night. Each night different kids were assigned to help with dinner chores. Setting the table was of course a very important role.

A little pictionary before dinner!

And a little ping-pong in the basement!

Time for dinner! Tonight's menu: TACOS!

After dinner Tuesday we headed over to the "Fitness Center" to enjoy the pool and hot tub!

Swimming AND skiing! Yes please!

It was a perfect way to end our first evening!

We were up bright and early Wednesday to prepare for our full day of adventures. Quinn was one of the helpers for breakfast that morning... mmm... more on that meal later!

After breakfast I just popped on my skis and ski down to the lodge to get our tickets and rental passes for the day. Not too shabby of a way to start the morning.

Que Angel Music!
Guest Services... our favorite place at Sugarloaf! Why you ask? Because EVERY year they treat us like royalty, supplying us with free ski passes, rentals, lessons, and warmth and hospitality! Goodness me... we just ADORE Sugarloaf's Guest Service's staff!

After we got the tickets we handed the kids off to the ski instructors for the morning. I headed to the top with some other chaperones. You couldn't have asked for better ski condition than we had Wednesday. Clear skies and sun, cold enough to keep the snow firm, groomed trails... just perfect.

After a couple of "grown-up" runs we headed to find the kids in lessons. Here is Quinny looking fine!

It was so fun for Quinn to have the Isle Au Haut boys in his skiing class. They had a great time together!

Getting ready to ride the lift.

After lunch we picked the kids up from lessons and had free ski all afternoon.

Quinn and I were skiing buddies in the afternoon while Dalton skied with Travis.

I think he is trying to decided whether he is ready to conquer the top...

Quinn's turns have SO improved!

Look at these exhausted boys!

Here are some pictures of Dalton's afternoon skiing with Travis!

D was excited to use poles this year!

He had several runs with Travis to the top...

And they stopped for a little snack to refuel after all that fun!

After our VERY full day of skiing Dalton and Travis headed off to visit the Carabassett Academy School and the other guys had a very special tour of the "behind the scenes" of Sugarloaf!

We got to see all the different snow cats that are used to groom the trails!

Ut oh... Quinny is in the driver's seat!

We also got to go into the "secret" snow making room and learn exactly HOW snow is made at Sugarloaf!

Our tour guide Dano! This guy was AWESOMEEEE!

This is the SUPER Cat! Kind of like the BMW of Snow Cats!

Then... the biggest excitement of all... Dano gave us all a ride in one of the big Snow Cats! Let me assure you... this does not happen for everyone!

Quinn was ready to ride.

Dano let me ride in the driver's area with him!

Here is MY super excited face!

And up we go! It was so awesome because all the lifts were closed down so we had the mountain all to ourselves. I thought we were just going to go for a little joy ride... but Dano had a surprise for us all... he was taking us to the top!

View fro the top! Just gorgeous.

Quinn experiencing the top of Sugarloaf for the first time!

Group shot!

None of these boys had been to the top before so Dano gave them an AMAZING experience!

Down we go!

After our crazy Snow Cat adventure we had one more adventure planned... tubing!


They had a super sweet "magic carpet" for us to ride after taking our ride!

Here is Quinn in mid-flight!

After tubing we had a big delicious dinner... see next post and all went to bed early... excited for another day at the mountain on Thursday... but mother nature had other plans...

Remember those gorgeous clear skies we had on Wednesday... well they were replaced with crazy snow and even crazier wind! This was the view from the lodge... where is the mountain!?

Do you see any lifts running or anyone skiing...nope that is because all the lifts were on wind hold... ALL DAY LONG!

The good thing was that the boys still had lessons even though the lifts weren't running. They drove the kids up the trails on snow mobiles... the bad thing was kids like Dalton didn't really get to ski anything other than the bunny slopes... please just imagine his disappointment and frustration.

Well... Quinn made the most of it.

And here is the place where we have taken our group picture every year... but after a really sad morning Thursday no one felt like taking a group picture... sad face.

Instead of our full day of skiing Thursday we ended up leaving around lunch time because of the storm... which meant driving in the storm... which meant very scary time for Jessie. We arrived safely in Rockland Thursday afternoon and grabbed an early dinner and movie before heading to bed in preparation for getting the boat back to Monhegan Friday morning. But again, Mother Nature decided to change things up.

Monday morning = boat canceled due to bad seas.
I was BUMMED... but we made the most of it. Four movies, three dogs, and a comfy place to stay... THANKS ANNE!

Don't worry... the boys were fine.

After three movies we came up for air and played some cards...

The puppies like our movie day!

We made pizza for dinner and again went to bed hoping to get the boat home in the morning...

And thankfully after a very long week we got back to Monhegan on Saturday. So the Sugarloaf trip was a little more complicated than usual this year, but in true Monhegan style we remained flexible and positive... at least at times (I mean come on we are only human).

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