Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baking Adventures...

We had some serious adventures at school last week... baking adventures that is! Margaret was at school the morning of our scheduled March BINGO so she got to participate in our traditional BINGO baking activities. We had a very important mission for our St. Patty's baked goods ... MAKE THEM AS GREEN AS POSSIBLE!

We set up our baking station in the kitchen. Dalton was inshore getting his braces tightened so Quinn was our fearless leader in the kitchen.

Millie had never experience BINGO baking either. She was pretty pumped.

Step one of baking at the Monhegan School: Pour pack of pre-made cake mix in the bowl. Heck yes we use cake mix! No making cupcakes from scratch at this school. We are good, but not that good!

Quinn did the stirring and Miss M lined the pan with cupcake foils.

Time to scoop in the batter! These two made a fantastic team!

Looking pretty green to me! I think topped with some green frosting our mission would be accomplished!

Well done my little leprechauns!

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