Monday, March 28, 2011

Pen and Ink!

Our amazing and utterly fabulous art teacher Donna introduced a new media to us in art... pen and ink! Such a cool feel to it and it is really fun to work in black and white. There are so many variations to the pen and ink for as well... just the straight lines or using water to make it more free flowing and like watercolors...

Can't you see why she is the art teacher!? Love this dragon!

A sketch of a toy duck by Dalton!

Very cool boat by the Quinnster.

More sketching by D.

An abstract by Q.

A very cool sketch of a dragon attacking a boat by Q.

And an amazing dragon by D.

I even got to play around with the pen and ink!

It has been a really fun new media to work with! THANKS DONNA!

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