Monday, March 14, 2011

Limericks with Frenchboro!

We had our second "Island 2 Island" poetry meeting with Frenchboro once we got back from February break. This time around we were working on "Limericks." I had never really worked with limericks before but boy they are FUN! Did you know that Limerick did NOT originate in Ireland but in England and were made famous by an English humorist and writer Edward Lear!? Well neither do I, but it was interesting to find out some fun facts about limericks and share it with the kids of Monhegan AND Frenchboro!

Good thing we had to be in silly moods to really write Limericks well because just playing around with the Tanberg alone got us laughing quite a bit!

I shared a powerpoint with the kids containing information about the history of limericks and also about it's very set forum... not only do you have to be aware of the number of syllables you use in limericks (much like haikus) but you also need to rhyme! Quite tricky!

Here is Frenchboro hard at work producing some Limericks!

Quinn's best limerick...

There was once a cat named Matt
Matt said, "my god I am fat"
Matt laid on a big rug
Below him was a pug
The pug said, "Get off me cat!"

And Dalton's turn...

There was once a Fox who had the pox
He was so sick he got into a box
To sail away
And the next day
Mister Fox found a hole in his box

And I took a stab at it as well... this is my personal favorite:

There once was a boy named Bieber
Who created quite a fever,
He could dance and sing,
His hair made him a king!
I thought his name was Beaver!

So needless to say we had A LOT of fun writing limericks! Thank Frenchboro... hope to meet up for some more poetry real soon!

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