Monday, March 14, 2011

Fisherman's Forum

Two weeks ago (I know, I am STILL playing catch up)... we were lucky enough to participate in a round table discussion with Frenchboro School, Cliff Island School, and a whole lot of fisherman that were at the Island Institute in Rockland attending a "Fisherman's Forum."

The topic of our discussion was weather and how weather effects the fishing industry. Although we all think we know so much about weather and fishing just because of where we live it was really interesting to hear from different fisherman from many different island and coastal communities and there experiences with weather and its effects on fishing.

Being apart of the discussion helped us get some ideas for our final project we are working on with the Matinicus school for our "STORMS weather" event in May!

We always love using the Tanberg to see our friends at different schools!
Hi Frenchboro!

Oh and look! There are our buddies on Cliff! They had some great questions for the fisherman.

And there is the table full of fisherman, scientists, and other fun Island Institute friends... including our favorite fellow Anne!!

Millie likes when we use the Tanberg... she has another excuse to hang out next to the heater.

It was really cool to be apart of a discussion with such a large group of people from our little island school. Thank you Island Institute for letting us be apart of your round table forum!

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  1. What a fun post! Thanks so much for your great questions. The fisherman loved getting the chance to talk with all of you!