Saturday, March 19, 2011

Final Winter Book Group Meeting

Our island schools finished up their second virtual book groups of the year... Dalton worked with the "olders" from the islands schools lead by the teacher on Matinicus. Quinn was in my book group with some fantastic kids from Islesford, Cliff, and Matinicus Island.

Last week we had our last meeting to present our final projects over the book "Walk Two Moons." It was SO fun to see all of our group members one last time and watch them present their AWESOME final projects...

Here is one of the final projects by a student on Islesford!

A fantastic drawing by a student on Matinicus!

Quinn presenting his final project!

Some more presenting from Matinicus!

We got really creative and skyped in one of the students on Islesford so she could then see everyone else using the Tanberg! SO MUCH TECHNOLOGY!


And here is Quinn's final project!

He had to compare two of the characters in the book and write brief paragraphs about each.

He also created character portraits that illustrates what they look on the outside...

and also what they were thinking on the inside.

I was very lucky to have such a FABULOUS book group! I am excited to start our next round of "virtual" book groups next week! This time around I have ALL boys in my group! Well, at least I know I have experience in that area!

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