Sunday, November 13, 2011

Awesome visit from Anne and Finn!

We had some very special visitors last week! Two of our most favorite visitors of all time. No really, we LOVE them... it was none other than our favorite TLC coordinator, Anne and her super dog-pal, Finn!
We were pretty excited for them to visit! Our entire morning message was dedicated to them!
Here is the beautiful portrait Margaret did of Anne and Finn!

And did you know that Anne and Finn are both great words to work on rhyming!!!

Millie was a little freaked out about having Finn at school. I think she thought it was her boyfriend, Scout... so she was really confused and just decided to sit on him a lot.

Quinn was just over-the-moon when he saw Finn!

I think Dalton was pretty happy too!

Scout and Finn seeing each other for the first time on this visit. They look so confused. I wonder if they are saying, "Hey wait, that's me. But I am me. This is so weird."

Anne had to do a lot of not-so-fun work while she was here. But we forced her to stop to do some fun projects with us, like making "found poems" using words and phrases from magazines!

The idea for the "found poetry" came from our friend Ms. Rogers on Matinicus who had set up a wicked cool poetry wiki for our TLC group. She posts poetry projects for us to do every week.
We had A LOT of fun with this "found poetry" assignment.

We had even more fun because Anne was here to do it with us.

Margaret's poem, with a little help from Jessie :)

Quinn's "found poem."

Anne's super cool poem!

And Daltini's poem!

Anne also helped the boys with their science project... called Mission SCAM (stars, comets, asteriods, and meteors!)

Did you know Anne is an excellent puzzle solver? She and Margaret made a great team!

Happy school.

Before we knew it it was time for Anne and Finn to leave us! We will miss their faces VERY MUCH!!!

Thanks Anne and Finn. We wuv you.

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