Monday, November 21, 2011

Explorer Videos!

The boys have been working on Social Studies projects researching early explorers. They both choose two different explorers they wanted to research from different time periods and then developed questions they needed to answer for their research. Each of the boys are working with some of their TLC classmates to complete the research for one of their explorer's and then working on the other explorer project independently.

Both boys ended up making movies about their explorers. We are HUGE fans of Imovie here at the Monhegan School! There is just so much you can do!
Quinn helped Dalton with his movie about Marco Polo. They look pretty spiffy, don't they!

Can you tell how much fun we get to have, all the time, at my school. Pictures like these make me really sad to think I would get to see these goofy faces every day next year. I make them promise me all the time that we can be friends from ever and that the will invite me to their weddings, that is normal, right!?

Here is Dalton's finished movie which he created with his buddy, Dylan, from Matinicus! Dylan is a mastermind when it comes to video editing!

And Quinn's video about the explorer, Alfonso de Albuquerque!

I know, I know... what a boring way to learn about early explorers.
No. Fun. At. All.

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