Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Trick-or-Treating!

Since Halloween was on a Monday this year we only had a half day of school so we did not celebrate much during school.

The festivities began after school outside of the Black Duck where all the kids gathered to begin trick-or-treating!

The Morning Cloak Butterfly had her gorgeous homemade wings on again!

Butterfly, Hawaiian Warrior, and a Pumpkin! Just as cute as can be!

The whole gang ready for some candy! This is a lot of kids! (Okay... we had to import some!)

Mysterious Middle Schooler inside of the Black Duck... collecting his treat!

Delicious homemade treats!

Only three trick-or-treaters made it all the way to my house for candy!

The kids had PLENTY of treats... so it was time for some TRICKS! Me and my squirt-gun gang waiting VERY patiently outside of the boys house to try and scare the bejesus out of them and spay them with squirt guns and silly string. We did quite scare them... but we did get them wet!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Hope you got some treats and some tricks!

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