Monday, November 7, 2011

Our New Best Friend - Irene the Ipad!

Last week was a BIG week at the Monhegan School... we got our long awaited, new exciting, awesome, fantastic, and utterly wonderful piece of technology.... the Ipad!!!!

Of course the boys were beside themselves. When I first let the boys play around with the Ipad it was not hooked up to the school internet yet so I thought they would not be that impressed since there no cool apps on it.

But they got a kick out of the simplest apps that came on the Ipad. Like the "notepad" app where you can write little notes to yourself. They loved using the touch pad keyboard.

Dalton's turn to type.

Aw, what sweet little notes they wrote to each other.

I, of course, could not help but get in on the note writing. We were pretty silly.

And then Margaret got to use the Ipad for the first time. Can I say love at first sight!?

I had downloaded three different kindergarten apps for Margaret and she now has an Ipad center! It is AMAZING to see what a kindergartner can do with an Ipad!

THIS is my favorite app. It is called "TeachMe" and it is the First Grade version because I know the kindergarten one would be too easy for Miss M. This app focuses on spelling and reading based on Dolche's site words and also adding and subtracting. What I like about it best is that it has the student write their answers using their finger and they have to write within the lines and form numbers and letter correctly in order to get the answer "right." Every time they get an answer right they earn a "coin." They can save up their coins and go "shopping" at the local shape, pet, and art store. It is such a great way to get kids motivated to form letters and number correctly!
The boys and Margaret have a rotating schedule of who can use the Ipad during break. But it seems it does not matter whose turn it is to use the Ipad... they all gather around to watch. I found two GREAT geography games called "Stacking States" and "Stacking Countries" that the boys (and yes, I) are kind of obsessed with!

The games have you answer questions about U.S. or World geography and every question you get right you get a state/country. You have to stack the states or countries (kind of like tetris). It is so fun and you learn so much different states and countries!

The Ipad has been a PERFECT addition to our unit about space studies!

The boys met me one evening to use the "Star Walk" app where you use the Ipad to recognize what you are seeing in the night sky. I do believe this is the best application I have EVER seen.

The boys parents came out that night as well! We got to see the Space Station in orbit! It was pretty awesome to see, especially after our time at the Space Challenger Center where we did our Space Station simulation!

But I have to say, I do not think anyone loves the Ipad more than Margaret. It is just so user friend for younger kids. She only gets to use the Ipad once a day for about 15 minutes... but I think it is her favorite part of school for sure!

Margaret and I named the Ipad Irene... and every day when it is time to put the Ipad away... we close the cover and sing "Gooood night Irene!"

I wish every kindergarten class could have an Ipad. We are one lucky school!

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