Monday, November 14, 2011

Inter-Island Science Meeting: Solar System Models!

While studying the Solar System this trimester we have been doing short two week projects with our TLC classmates. Every two weeks one of our TLC schools is in charge of the project and the posts the assignment on our Solar System Wiki. Last week it was Islesford School's turn to "host" the wiki. They created a really cool assignment where every school had to create a model to demonstrate some aspect of the solar system.

Last Monday our five different TLC school met on the Tanberg to share our models with one another! We always love these big group meetings!

The Islesford youngers made a model to show the order of the planets from the sun!

That's Jupiter! Isn't it pretty!?

The Matinicus youngers showing their model!

Isle Au Haut School's super cool model of the distance of the planets from the sun! Their model took up their entire school! Pretty cool!

Ut oh... are we boring you Finn?!

Monhegan did a stop animation of the orbit of the planets around the sun. It was mighty cool but a wee bit too long to try and post on the blog. Sorry folks.

Here's Cliff Island showing the orbit of the Earth around the Sun! Such a great demonstration!

And of course we end in a spontanious dance party. Obviously. It's how we roll.

Our next project has to do with Stars, Comets, Asteriods, and Meteors! It's call operation SCAM! Stay tuned!

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