Thursday, November 10, 2011

Margaret the Math Wizard!

I know I have said it before... but get ready, because I am going to say it again... Margaret is just the smartest little kindergarten in the whole world! When she started school in the fall she was all about books and letters and math and numbers were not so interesting in her mind. Boy, has that changed. She is now a math wiz! She has meant nearly all her kindergarten math standards and now is starting to meet the first grade standards. Wowsers!

She can not only count to 100 but she can write the numbers too! She wanted to make sure each number was written just right and I think she is pretty stinkin' close!

She is also working on telling time (another first grade standard!)

She made a schedule of her day with the different times she does each thing.

I mean... can you say smarty pants!?!?!

She is also learning to tell time with the minute hand, which mean she is learning to count by 5's! I just love how much Margaret loves learning!!! She is the best kindergartner in the whole wide world!

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