Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Writing Class with Islesford

We started up a little virtual writing class between the Islesford and Monhegan olders this past week. It is interesting because two years ago we had a virtual writing class between Monhegan and Iselsford and it was really the first kind of "virtual" class we tried to have between our island schools. It was kind of the beginning of what the TLC was to become. I don't think we realized at the time how far we would come in two years! Pretty exciting to think about.

Here are my precious boys waiting to call Islesford on the Tanberg. Boy, they are special.

Hello Islesford!

We started off our class working as a big group. We read some good example of "people sketches" which are strong descriptions of characters in writing.

Then we had the kids write their own "people sketches." We had them either write a sketch of Ms. Eysnogle, the teacher on Islesford, or myself. Their sketches were super good and very sweet.

We then had the kids partner off. I love this. The above picture is of Dalton's partner on Islesford working on her computer with Dalton.

And this is the picture of what Dalton saw of his partner on his computer screen!

Each of the pairs of partners read a section of a piece of writing they have been working on to eachother and then gave feedback of where the writer could add more character description to the writing.

Quinn met with his pal Joe. The two of them had a great time sharing their stories to each other!

It really helps when the kids can share their writing with other and get feedback that is not just from the same boring ol' teacher (yea, that's me).

Not to mention, any chance for the boys to work with their TLC classmates is A-O-K in their book!

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