Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In honor of Halloween the boys learned about epitaphs for poetry last week. We read some famous epitaphs like these....

"I made an ash of myself." - Ruth Adams

"Good Friends, for Jesus' sake forbear,
To dig the bones enclosed here!
Blest be the man that spare these stones,
And curst be he that moves my bones!" - Shakespeare

Then I gave the boys a chance to write their own epitaphs... I know it sounds kind of morbid... but it was actually pretty fun and it is poetry!

Quinn's Epitaph:

Energetic for Life
But in the end
My imagination will be using explosives
To bring me high in the sky
Or further into the ground

Dalton's Epitaph... pretty funny.

And mine...

Do you like the "Angel of Death" Golden Retriever that will meant me at the end of the tunnel?

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