Friday, November 18, 2011

Millie's First Birthday

Millie's first birthday was Monday, so we knew we had to celebrate BIG! I was inshore for the weekend, so I could pick up supplies for the par-tay!

The day of, Millie had to rest up for the event while we got some work done.

At the end of the afternoon we set up.

I made Millie a dog bday cake! Ingredients include: wheat flour, eggs, beef flavored baby food, and beef jerky! Frosted with liverwurst and cream cheese! Dissssgusting!

We had to supply some people cake as well! This looks a bit more appetizing!

The birthday girl was ready!

Aw, a gift from her boyfriend.

She loves unwrapping!

Scout was intrigued by the smells coming from the cake!

Another present! One lucky dog!

For the last half-hour of school we invited the community to take a birthday dog walk! I was super impressed by the turn out!

Millie wanted to lead the way!

The dogs were pumped.

Who wouldn't want to spend their bday in the woods?

We had quite the trail of people!

They keep going and going!

When we got to the ball field, the dogs went wild!
Billy and Victor! Millie should feel VERY special that she got these fellas to take a walk in the woods :)

The doggy onlookers!

Pure birthday joy.


I think she was happy!

Back at school it was time for cake!

The dogs totally approved of the doggy cake.

And I think the people cake was pretty good too!

The boys passed out treats.

More cake please!?

Happy 1st Birthday Millie! Thanks to all who came and celebrated with us! So fun.

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