Monday, November 14, 2011

Dry Pastels!!!!

Another week at the Monhegan School... another fabulous art class with THEE Donga Cundy!

This week's medium... dry pastels. They are like a mix between craypas and chalk and the effect is fabulous.

Perfect for swirling and smooshing. (I love the word smooshing...even if it is not technically a word!)

Beautiful, soft colors. Very calming.

And they are super messy, which makes them all the more fun!

It was a pretty quiet art class, which is a good sign. Means everyone was into it.

Artful mess.

More swirls.

And smooshing.

Final products: Quinn's "Sunset Garden."

Quinn's "Summer Wave."

Dalton's "Abstract Swirls"

Dalton's "Wave Crash."

Dalton's "Color Ying-Yang"

And Donna's masterpiece!

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