Monday, November 14, 2011

Student Council

We had our first Student Council Meeting with our newly elected officers last week while Anne was out visiting. Pretty exciting.

On the day before the meeting we had a meeting with Dalton, the student council president, and Emma, the VP to discuss the agenda for the meeting. Dylan, the Matinicus Rep. also joined us. We were very productive and set a great agenda for our first meeting!

I really like the "name cards" the Matinicus officers had.

On the day of our big meeting we had a jam-packed agenda which included:
- Going over group norms
- Virtual swearing in all student council members... this was funny.
- Discussion about Spring Field Trip
- Discussion about Charitable Fundraiser
- New business
- End with dance party!

As President, Dalton had to facilitate the meeting! He was awesome. But I felt bad since his stinking teacher kept butting in. She obviously has trouble letting go of control!

We decided it would only make sense to end each meeting with a collaborative dance off. Each meeting we would end with a different song. This week's theme song was "Staying Alive!"

It was a great meeting. Our student council rocks!

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